Gallipoli, the Turkish Defence and Defending Gallipoli, the Turkish Story                                                                    

                          Two books by Harvey Broadbent AM to mark the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign in 2015                                      

          were launched by former Governor of New South Wales, Professor Dame Marie Bashir on 11 February 2015

Associate Professor (retired) Harvey Broadbent AM, Honorary Fellow in the Department of Modern History, Politics and International Relations at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia has made a career long study of the Gallipoli Campaign. Through his skills in Turkish language and history, he is a foremost authority on the Turkish defence at Gallipoli. Melbourne University Publishing (MUP) has published the books, Gallipoli the Turkish Defence under their Miegunyah imprint, to mark the Gallipoli centenary. They are the result of Harvey Broadbent’s work directing Macquarie University’s Gallipoli Centenary Research Project through several years of intensive research in the Turkish archives. The project identified original documents and other material related to the Turkish side of the campaign and produced over two and a half thousand pages of English translations. 

Many of the documents appear in these books, which tell the story of Gallipoli comprehensively from the Turkish side only, for the first time. In so doing they help the reader understand how the Turks were successful, if at times only just so, in blocking the Anzacs, British and French and forcing their retreat.

Gallipoli, the Turkish Defence is the primary academic publication arising from the research. It serves as a very readable reference book for details of the Ottoman Turkish military operations and the personnel involved. It is also generously illustrated with maps, some of them original, archival photographs and quotations from historical documents, all of them with their citations.

Defending Gallipoli, the Turkish Story is a condensed version of the first book designed to appeal to the general reader interested in learning about the other side of Gallipoli. It relates the Turkish story at Gallipoli in a colourful and engaging style.

These books provide a factual account of events hitherto uncovered in extensive previous Gallipoli accounts and a more comprehensive understanding of how the Ottoman forces at Gallipoli affected the outcomes that led to the failure of the Allies. They show how the commanders and their troops responded to the invasion of their homeland and were able, albeit under great pressure, to resist, persevere and ultimately succeed.  

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Harvey, crouching left,  in his days as a Tour Leader with his tour Group at Anzac Cove, Turkey
Harvey Broadbent was born 1946 in Manchester, England, son of Arthur and Alice Broadbent (nee Burn) and attended Poundswick Grammar School in south Manchester from 1958 to 1964, where he developed his interest in music, drama, literature and history. He graduated in Education (Literature, Drama and Music) from the University of Birmingham Institute of Education in 1967 (at Dudley College), then with Honours in Near Eastern Studies at the University of Manchester in 1974, where his major study was Turkish language and culture, with a subsidiary in Persian Studies.
He taught English and Drama from 1967 until 1969 at Zonguldak College in the Black Sea region of Turkey and at schools in the UK from 1969 to 1972. In 1975 with his wife Cindy and three young children he emigrated from the UK to Australia, where he taught for a year at Camden High School in New South Wales. In 1976 he took up a position as a scriptwriter with Migrant Education Television in Wollongong, NSW before joining the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as a Producer/Director in 1977.
With a crowd of his students at Zonguldak College, Turkey in 1969

Broadcasting Career

From 1977 to 1999 Harvey worked as a Producer and Executive Producer with the ABC and won awards for his radio and television productions, working at various times on Playschool, Behind the News, Four Corners, Quantum, Holiday, Special Projects, Arts, Documentaries

He was Producer for the following major television programs and series

History series: Timeframe, (1998)

HMAS Voyager: The Cruel Fate (1992)

TV Special Projects including AFI Awards (1996-98),

Victory in the Pacific Live Outside Broadcast (1995)

Gallipoli 75th Anniversary programs (1990)

Encounter With Neptune (1989)

Gallipoli, The Fatal Shore (1988).

Newspaper item relating the ABC TV Four Corner’s Documentary, HMS Voyager: The Cruel Fate, 1992
Harvey is also responsible for Gallipoli, The Fatal Shore (1988 winner of the United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award), The Boys Who Came Home (which he also published in book form) and the 75th Anniversary Gallipoli Pilgrimage (1990), and Live From Gallipoli (1990) for which he received the Television Society Award for the best Special Event Television.
Newspaper item reporting on the Gallipoli Live Program for Anzac Day, 1990
In 2004-5 he was Associate Producer for the documentary film Revealing Gallipoli (December Films in co-production with ABC TV, TRT, RTE, TZNZ and TV S4C (Wales) shown on TRT on 18 March, and ABC TV on 24 April 2005.

His Radio Production has included:

30 years experience as an ABC and freelance producer involves many educational series and programs including: Education Now, Books and Writing, Background Briefing.

*In 1979 he produced a three part radio series for ABC Radio, From Nomads to Migrants, Turks in Australia.

*In 1981 he wrote and produced the radio series for ABC Radio Johnny Turk After Gallipoli to commemorate centenary of the birth of Kemal Ataturk.

*His credits for ABC Radio include a number of programs relating to Australian Literature including: Australian Writers (a radio series for schools covering the writing of Norman Lindsay and Douglas Stewart), Gallipoli Voices, (poems composed at and about Gallipoli), a production of Australian poet, Michael Connolly’s Kembla Voices, about the 1902 Mr Kembla mine explosion, and the serialised Fruits of our Labour by Karen Burton, which documented the life of itinerant fruit pickers in Queensland. 

*Since 1999 he has been an independent producer and writer creating sound features and documentaries for ABC Classic FM and Radio National such as Gallipoli Voices, Listening to Istanbul, World Street, Dervish, Encountering Damascus, Listening to Manchester, The Poetry of Sufism, A Bridge in Your Ear (celebration of the Sydney Harbour Bridge), Travellers not Tourists (about cultural tourism) and Gallipoli Pilgrimage.. Minstrels of War (2007), The Mystical Muse (2008)

Audio-Visual Productions: In addition he has completed the production of extensive audio-visual components for the Hawkesbury Regional Museum, Windsor, NSW, the Lady Denman Heritage Centre, Huskisson, NSW, and the Canberra Museum.


  • The United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award 1988 for Gallipoli, The Fatal Shore
  • Television Society Award Highest Selling Australian-made Videocassette for 1988-89 - Gallipoli, The Fatal Shore
  • Television Society Award for the best Special Event Television 1990

The Boys Who Came Home (which he also published in book form) and the 75th Anniversary Gallipoli Pilgrimage (1990), and Live From Gallipoli (1990)

Harvey Broadbent (right) and next to him reporter Chris Masters with the Governor General of Australia, Sir Ninian Stephen, who presented then with United Nations Association of Australia Media Peace Award for 1988

Writing and Lecturing

His first book was an extended adaptation of his TV documentary The Boys Who Came Home: Recollections of Gallipoli (ABC Books, 1990 and 2000), in which he used his interviews with over fifteen Gallipoli veterans from Australia, Britain and Turkey.
The launch of The Boys Who Came Home: Recollections of Gallipoli, 1990
He then published a major illustrated book for Penguin-Viking Australia Gallipoli, The Fatal Shore to mark the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign published in August in 2005
From 2003 he wrote the International Correspondent column for Friends, the magazine of the National Museum of Australia. His writing has involved many articles for various journals.
Harvey is an experienced lecturer both in the lecture theatre and on cruise ships. He lectures regularly about Turkey, its history and that of the Eastern Mediterranean region. He has lectured at Macquarie University, Sydney University Continuing Education, the Workers Education Association Sydney (WEA), the Royal United Services Association, Sydney, National Seniors, and various community and service organisations such as Rotary. Since 2005 he has been lecturing annually on various cruise ships.
Delivering a lecture at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, 2012

His courses and lectures include:

Kemal Ataturk: victor of Gallipoli, The Other Side: Turks at Gallipoli, The Gallipoli Battlefield, The Ottomans: Empire and Culture, The Aegean: Sea of Conflict, The Byzantines to the Ottomans, The Hittites, Classical Anatolia, From Constantinople to Istanbul, the Crimean War, Ancient Mediterranean Civilisations, The Music of the Med, The Rhine and Danube, 

Indian Music Crossover, the Indian Ocean, Australasian Exploration, Australian Landscape Artists, the Maoris.

As a study tour group leader he has led tours to Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Greece, and UK every year between 1992 and 2006, mainly for Australians Studying Abroad. He has travelled extensively in Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean over many years, leading tours and making documentary films. 
The tour leader in Athens
Guiding at Sultanhan, Turkey 

 Guiding at Termessos, Turkey 

Delivering a lecture at the State Library of New South Wales, 2015