Selected Articles, Lectures and Book Reviews

How an Ethnic Minority was Bulgarised, Article, Sydney Morning Herald, 1986

The Ultimate Lesson of Gallipoli, Article, The Good Weekend, SMH, 1986

From Foes to Friends, Australian-Turkish Relations and Gallipol, Lecture

University of Sydney 10 March 2006 and the Turkish Embassy, Canberra on 8 December 2006

Completing the Gallipoli Story. Article. Journal of the Society for Army History, No. 43, Autumn 2007, Brunel University, UK., p.208-223

Gallipoli from the Turkish Perspective, Australian War Memorial Journal, Wartime, 2007

Researching Gallipoli, Address given at the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales, on 26 February 2008

Completing the story of the Dardanelles and Gallipoli Campaign: The Gallipoli Centenary Turkish Archives Research Project, Lecture at the British High Commission, Canberra, 25 April 2008

A Simple Epic, Gallipoli and the Australian media, the Lone Pine Memorial Lecture, Gallipoli Club, Sydney, 6 August 2009 and delivered to the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), 28 October 2009, also subsequently published in ‘United Service’, The Journal of the Royal United Services Institute of New South Wales, No. 61, March 2010, Sydney.  *12

Gallipoli’s First Day: a day of riddles, Extract from Australian Broadcasting Corporation website Gallipoli, The First Day,

Gallipoli’s First Day: Turkish documents separating myth and reality, Article for AWM journal Wartime, Issue 46, April 2009

Gallipoli’s Place Names, Article for Placenames Australia, March 2010

The Ottoman Army response in the Gallipoli Campaign: From English translations of documents in Turkish Military Archives and other sources by the Gallipoli Centenary Research Project. Paper delivered at the 3rd International Gallipoli Symposium, Istanbul Mediniyet University (in assoc. with the Australian National University) 20/21 April 2012

Australia’s Love Affair with Gallipoli, paper delivered by Harvey Broadbent at public lecture at the Middle East Technical University, Ankara, May 2011, and the Netherlands Institute of Higher Education, Ankara, June 2011

Researching Gallipoli in the Turkish Archives.  Paper given by Harvey Broadbent at the First International Gallipoli Symposium at the Australian National University. (2007) 

Book Review of Australia’s Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the Inland 1860s to 1930s, Museums Australia May 2008

Book Review of Gallipoli: Attack from the Sea by Victor Ruddeno,  New Haven, 2008

Book Review of The Landing at Anzac 1915, Chris Roberts, The Australian Review, 27 April 2013

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ABC ‘The Drum’  Gallipoli: one great deception?

Friends of the NMA Articles List

Vol 15 No 2 June 2005 The Great Repository of Civilisations. (Turkey)

Vol 15 No 3 September  2004  A Glimpse of  Neolothic Times: Catal Hoyuk.

Vol 15 No 4 December 2004 Manchester: A Museum type of Place.

Vol 16 No 1 March 2005  Pearl Harbour, Infamous Memory and watershed to world power.

Vol 16 No 2 June 2005  Damascus: The Beginning and the end of the road.

Vol 16 No 3  September 2005 Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum: Remembering the first WMD.

Vol 16 No 4 December 2005 The Story of the Train. Britain’s National Rail Museum in York

Vol 17 No 1 March 2006, Legacy of an American Emperor, The Getty Centre.

Vol 17 No 3 Sept 2006 Spain’s en salata mixta of museums.

Vol 17 No 4 Dec 2006, The Edo-Tokyo Museum

Vol 18 No 1 March 2007 Billiards With Stalin. Sochi.

Vol 18 No 2   Lacock: Camera connections in the footsteps of Mr Darcy and Harry Potter

Vol 18 No 3 Sept 2007 Christchurch and Arrowtown (NZ)

Vol 18 No 4  Crimea and Sevastapol

Vol 19 No 1 March 2008 Remembering the Sold and the Strong

Visiting the International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK on Opening Day.

Vol 19 No.2. June 2008  Publishing Poets and PMs at the John Murray Archive Exhibition at the National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Latest writings

“No room for any lapses in concentration” (General Esat Pasha, 11 August 1915) Ottoman Commanders’ responses to the August Offensive in the Anzac sector. Paper delivered by Harvey Broadbent at Australian War Memorial International Gallipoli Conference, “A Ridge Too Far”, August 2010 and published in the conference papers, ‘Gallipoli, A Ridge Too Far,’ Australian War Memorial, 2013

Gallipoli Allies: the German-Ottoman relationship, article by Harvey Broadbent and Mesut Uyar for April 2012 edition of AWM journal “Wartime” (PUBLICATION DELAYED)